About WOW

Well of wishing is a project that has been long over due for me. For ages I have talked about the power of intention and the effect it can have across long distances. Many studies and reports have been released on this subject, which we will share in time. However the main purpose of this site is to take action on this knowingness and begin putting powerful intention towards that which we want to influence. Amongst this site we hope to share powerful and moving topics that our guests want to help us put loving intention towards in an effort to effect those events from abroad. In addition we want our guests to contribute by offering topics and events that they want the community to bring positive wishes to. Together we can influence the world..one wish at a time. Thanks for your company and we look forward to your requests.

More over, I want to spend time detailing the law of attraction and my experience with it throughout the years. I want to cover authors we discuss the topic and research done on it that outlines its effects in our lives.

I have been known to blow with the wind so there may be moments of unusualness on well of wishing. But I’m sure my guests we’l come to enjoy that aspect of the site as well.

I’m glad that you found me here and I look forward to touching each others lives.