A Race Divided

As the presidential race continues in the Unites States, I believe it’s important to address the concept of intentful thinking.  I recently read a blog post from a local vehicle wrap company that you can check out at www.phoenixautowrap.com, where the gentleman at the company stated that our presidential candidates are so focused on what we don’t want. It said how we are focused on enemies that we don’t want, scarcities that we don’t want, and overall problem we don’t want. Similar to what I have said here, that which we focus on grows, so if were focused on problems, then we will most likely encounter more problems. One candidate that I really want to center this post on is Donald Trump. A man who has so much to say about the faults of other people (races), and has worked towards creating segregation between the American people. After listening to him and reading the blog post, it all got me thinking about what other societies outside of our planet (if they exist) would think about all of this. How would they perceive our infatuation with segregation and what you could call modern racism? Would they see this issue as something that stifles the progress of the human race? I believe they would. 

As we sit upon planet earth and gaze into the vast uncertainty, and sheer size of the universe that encapsulates us, we can become curious as to how things are beyond earth. It seems plausible that other intelligent life exists, and if so it would make sense that we share similarities. They could potentially share similar social difficulties, or maybe wage wars against similar enemies, and may even look for answers in similar fashions.  It’s all hypothetical at this point, but it may be good to theorize how a technologically more advance civilization may view us, for our own bettered perspective of ourselves.

I would imagine that one of the first observations made by these visitors would be our segregated society. Whether it be politically, religiously, financially, and most of all physically, we have drawn borders and picked our sides on almost every issue. This would come as a shock to them, for I would believe that at the point in their intelligence, and technological achievement, they would know that creating sides and or teams, is a weak way of going about anything. For we have minimal progress on most matters, because we are too caught up in the fight, rather than the solution.

Caught up in representing a team or group of people we sometimes make observations and create categories that are both ignorant and irrelevant, but easy to categorize. We as humans at our lowest level of thinking and rationalizing like to categorize things, so it comes at no surprise that we are aware of our physical difference, and can categorize all races. That is not a crime in itself to be aware of though, for that is what it is to be conscious. But to discredit any one category of the same collective whole, that is a crime. I think it would certainly come as a surprise to our fellow brothers and sisters of the cosmos that we would seek differences, rather than reveal similarities. I think we should recognize the reality that often times we are quicker to hate than to love.

I think if extraterrestrials visited this planet they would notice the rift that is present on this planet between the different races of human. I think in seeing this our visitors would be saddened that we withhold such an intelligent potential, yet focus on such irrelevant topics. I believe they would find us immature, and wonder why we could not comprehend the fact that we have physical differences, then move on to more pertinent matters. For I would imagine they would wonder what purpose it had on the planet and to why it was so commonly referenced. My answer here would be again that it is usually our first observation. It is a hard thing to overlook, but then again we direct so much attention to it as a society that we are drawn to acknowledge it. Even though someone’s skin color is rather apparent, isn’t their eye color as well, but how often do we remember what color someone’s eyes were? After having a conversation with someone for ten minutes we are often unaware of the color of the eyes we had just been gazing into. The reason for this is because our attention is being drawn to things that we are taught to observe, and become aware of, the other things can be observed, but easily overlooked. I hope that this can be true for race one day as well, observed but overlooked.

If they asked me if another construct could have served the same purpose on our planet I would have to say yes. At this point in time with our society we are prone to taking sides and segregating ourselves. It makes us feel good to have an opposition at all times, and an opposing force makes us feel apart of something, for your group has a common enemy, hence giving you all a common bond. Race is just an obvious side your born into that can’t be changed, so that is why it has segregated us since the beginning of time.

In a world where the word race is commonly used and referenced to, we have forgotten what the word race replaces. For it has taken on many meanings lately and does not give justice to all it seems to encompass. For example, someone’s ethnic identity, their culture, heritage, and all other practices are supposed to be explained by race. It’s a truly remarkable theory, that someone’s skin color will tell you everything you need to know about them. If that were the case, I would take a look in the mirror to understand who I am, because currently I am in the process of some self discovery and a quick answer would be extremely helpful. Though with a few looks at myself from different angles I doubt I would find much. I am a tall Caucasian man with brown eyes and blonde hair, what is that supposed to tell someone? Will those traits explain what things I like and don’t like, what things I wear and who I socialize with, what I think and what I believe? If someone does not state who they are or show actions of such, then never assume, I have physical attributes for many stereotypes, and none of them are true.

I believe people develop ethnic identities that are unsupported by their racial identities because ethnic identities are connected more to association by similar practices, rather than association by similar looks. We have a diverse global population with an assortment of different colored people all over the globe, all intermingling with one another.  So we have people of shared and different races sharing the same cultures, and immersed in the same practices. For your ethnic identity is your soul and what truly characterizes you as a person, it can at times even be the roots back to your ancestry. So it should come at no surprise that people hold strong to these affiliations rather than their racial identity, for their ethnic identity has the ability to show their whole story rather than just a glimpse of the cover.

I do not necessarily know how everyone views race, but in my understanding it is the physical attributes suggestive to one’s origin on earth. Or I guess that is how I wish it were seen, for in reality is simply a name or remark associated with skin color. The categories for defining race are few as well, with only a handful of races, for a myriad of ethnicities.

I think that there is an argument for race being an illusion, for like I previously stated race is not a fact, it is an assumption. Of course our ethnic identity is no illusion, it is factual history, but race on the other hand is an assumption. It is an assumption of your origin, as well as your ethnicity. It is a wild guess as to who you are, and what defines you. It is a stupid guess as to what you eat and what entertains you. We must really hold ourselves in high regards to think that we have the intelligence to attain all this information on someone from a first glance. I have faith though that our ignorance will decline and we will come to a peaceful understanding of our individual beauty and our beauty as a part to the whole.

As time has progressed, the colors of earths humans have certainly started bleeding together. We are beginning to see the beautiful combinations of all earth’s ethnic children. It is harder to notice distinct features of certain races, but rather easier to notice similarities, for in this mix we all begin to look a bit more alike. Personally I think the many distinguishable features that all the cultures around the world have are neat. I think it is fascinating to see how people on different parts of the globe differ physically. Though I do also find beauty in the ever-growing combinations of all these people interbreeding. I think this melting pot phenomenon will change the way we see race, both for good and bad. I could see people making even broader stereotypes of people who have physical similarities. Though I could also see people losing stereotypes based on the fact that we all do look more similar then we realize. Unfortunately, I think race will be a topic of discussion for decades, because it has a strong tie with ignorance, and until we see the final day of ignorance, racism will still lurk in mans stupidity.

If I were a patriotic police on a journey through time and space to implement change and justice to our social policy, and it were my job to prevent a racist society from forming, I would set the clock back to 1865. I would not try to change or prevent slavery because I think it was honestly unavoidable. It was more of an economic issue rather than a social issue because it was free labor, and that was something no one in that time wanted to give up. No I would go to a time where man tried ending its reign on the beaten souls of African Americans. A time when we decided slavery was no longer justified, but either was equality for our new freed brothers and sisters. I would take my time traveling butt right over to the Whitehouse and have a conversation with our elected leaders of that time. I would discuss with them segregation, and the 3/5 compromise. During my stay I would try to inform them of the implications that these events would have later on down the road. For I believe these issues created the mindsets that still linger in ignorant minds today. The fact, that at one point in time a race was legally inferior to another has now created a sense of superiority for some. A torn and broken group of people were told the abuse was over, and that they too were now free Americans. Though no formal apology was made on behalf of the slave owners and supporters of slavery. And the abuse did not end, the physical abuse was quieted, but the mental abuse now became bruising. You had a nation that had made leaps and bounds socially by ending slavery, but had not cut ties enough in order for it to be a clean cut. In trying to please white Americans of the time, they tried to make the changes as subtle as possible initially. They kept black students out of white schools, black people out of white businesses, and black houses out of white neighborhoods. The government was attempting to be fair for both parties, which I can understand, but the repercussions of this mindset they were now portraying, that blacks were inferior, was detrimental on our society.

Its hard to say what changes, if any, could be made to positively influence and change Americas perspective of race. For it almost seems as though it was something that naturally happens under these conditions. But I cannot let myself believe that such sheer hate was a natural occurrence. I think it has been the creation of a long history of misunderstood views and beliefs, and too many stupid men making important decisions. But all this is speculation on my part, and I guess the only thing I could be sure of is that I do my best help to burry these racist beliefs rather than perpetuate its stupidity through to another generation. If we attack racism at an individual level, we can cure it on a global one, so lets all do our part.

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