A Race Divided

As the presidential race continues in the Unites States, I believe it’s important to address the concept of intentful thinking.  I recently read a blog post from a local vehicle wrap company that you can check out at www.phoenixautowrap.com, where the gentleman at the company stated that our presidential candidates are so focused on what we don’t want. It said how we are focused on enemies that we don’t want, scarcities that we don’t want, and overall problem we don’t want. Similar to what I have said here, that which we focus on grows, so if were focused on problems, then we will most likely encounter more problems. One candidate that I really want to center this post on is Donald Trump. A man who has so much to say about the faults of other people (races), and has worked towards creating segregation between the American people. After listening to him and reading the blog post, it all got me thinking about what other societies outside of our planet (if they exist) would think about all of this. How would they perceive our infatuation with segregation and what you could call modern racism? Would they see this issue as something that stifles the progress of the human race? I believe they would.  Continue reading

The Path of Least Resistance

Today I wanted to discuss a subject that is of recent interests to me. It’s something that has been on my radar, but nothing I have given an over amount of attention to, until now. That which I am speaking of is commonly referred to as the path of least resistance. A term that essentially means, exactly what it sounds like – a path of least resistance.

From my understanding the term developed its meaning from nature. Being that the path that nature takes is the one that poses the least resistance. A river will travel down a stream or water way, following the least resistant route. A lighting bolt will come down from the sky following the least resistant path. A current will travel through wiring, again following the least resistant path. And the more you study nature, the more apparent this theme of least resistance will show itself to you.

What does that all mean? Is nature lazy? Well…not exactly. Continue reading