Being Thankful

If you haven’t tried it before you ought to start now. Being thankful and showing appreciation in your life can yield overwhelmingly positive results. I witnessed this first-hand, this past weekend. I rented a limousine for a friends birthday party in Scottsdale Arizona. My friend is an art major, so we decided it would be fun to take her throughout the city and go to a couple art museums and then finish by spinning pottery and grabbing ice cream. The plans were set, and all 8 of our friends were excited for the event filled day.As all of us packed into the limousine, which was my first experience in a limo, we got caught in excitement and laughter. We had not been together as a group like this in forever and it was apparent that we had some catching up to do. My friends got into deep conversation quickly as the limo driver began to set off on our adventure. I found myself sitting the closest¬†to the limo driver and after a while I began conversing at great lengths with him. Little did I know how interesting he would be, and what he would teach me along our drive.

The conversation started off pretty typical, as he explained some of his experiences as a driver and shared with me some pretty unusual happenings. He really started to open my eyes to how difficult it probably was to be a limo driver. Between drunk bachelor parties and over-eager teenage high school students, it started to sound like one big head ache. That was however my own assumption, because according to the driver it was blissful. But how could that be?

After he explained an incident of a bachelorette party going south, and having to take a couple girls to the ER after they violently puked all over his vehicle. I wondered why he still did what he did. In fact I asked him that question. For he was a very intelligent and seemed knowledgable on a plethora of subjects.

“Why do you do what you do?”

His answer was quite unexpected. “Because I’m lucky,” he said. A little caught off-guard, I said “what?” “I’m lucky,” he said again. I pondered this for a moment, and tried to understand what he meant by lucky, without being rude. For I knew he could be doing many things other than this for work, many of which I would deem as more lucky.

“You see,” he said. “I used to be an IT guy, I went to school here at the University of Arizona, I graduated at the top of my class, and I got hired by a large corporation soon after graduation.” “After about 5 years, I was in a financial position that most would deem amazing, but I was miserable,” he said. “I had little time for myself, the work I did was not stimulating what so ever, and the people I worked for were horrendous.” As he continued on, I still wondered to myself, if what he was doing now was much better, but he went on to say. “I started driving for this company part time, just to switch things up in my life.” The first night on the job, I had a group of young girls get into a fight, and I accidentally backed into a parked car, and from that day I knew this is what I wanted to do.” “For the first time in a long time I actually felt alive, he said joyfully.”

As you can imagine by this point I was a little dumbfounded, but he went on to say. “I know this probably sounds weird, but if you only knew how dead you feel in a corporation that treats employees like animals, you would understand.” ” This is real people I deal with now, with real problems and real drama, no corporate censorship of any kind, and I love it.” “My boss probably thinks I’m a little weird, but he always tells me how positive I am and he has rewarded me greatly for it.” He continued, “my boss said I’m the most appreciative person he’s come across, and for that he has offered me to take over the company when he retires.” “Not sure if I will take him up on that, but I am grateful for the offer, in fact it would pay better than my previous job,” saying it with a smile.¬†“I can’t tell you what being grateful has done for my life,” he said. Most people in my position would probably resent their decision, but for me I take a moment out of everyday to be grateful for it.” “Sure the occasional drunk passenger may irritate me, but when I consider where I was previously at my other job I smile, and say to myself, all of this is a blessing.”

I may have to agree with his boss, for I believe he was the most appreciative person I have ever met, and to be honest, he put a lot of stuff in perspective for me that day. How much fortune do I have in my life right now that I take for granted, and how often do I think I deserve more, when I should just be appreciative for what I’ve got. Being thankful obviously works in mysterious ways, and blesses those that cherish what they have. Life seems to be responsive to appreciation and gratitude, and from this point on I promise myself that I will be appreciative for everything I have, even the things that sometimes irritate me, and I hope you do the same. Life is too short to have feelings of dissatisfaction, try to find ways to see the blessings in all that you have.

Namaste ~


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