Abraham Hicks

In this article I want to give a shout out to a special person in my journey that has helped me come to learn about the power of intention at a deeper level. Her name is Esther Hicks and she is probably most known for her appearance in a popular book called the Secret. Before that, she and her husband were successful in a MLM company called Amway, where I imagine she must have used the power of intention quite successfully.

After her husband passed it seemed as thoughEsther became very focused on discussing the law of attraction and has been very successful in this regard. Referring to herself as Abraham, she channels thoughts and concepts from beyond this plane that we currently reside on. Hard to comprehend for many, including myself at times, but I do not really attach with where it comes from, but instead with how it resonates with me. When she speaks Esther is so clear in what she means, and can elaborate on it in any fashion you need. For me her words rang so clear and were overwhelmingly impactful on how I saw the world and acted in it. Emphasizing this concept of a vortex, which is almost like your sweet spot. A place where you are clear with what you want, and your intention rings loud for the universe to hear. From that point she said nothing can affect you, you can only affect it. She discussed how drugs alcohol, stress, and other people can get you out of this vortex, but that you are always able to bounce back and get back in your vortex. In this space she said, all the magic happens. This is the space where the universe bends around you and acts according to your will. I have felt this vortex, and whether you call it a vortex or not I’m sure you have too. It’s that place where everything feels right and you feel on top of the world. You know know exactly what you want and have overwhelming clarity.

Her words and concepts stuck to me like glue most of the time, and I shared them constantly with friends and family. It didn’t matter the context, love life, business, school, it always seemed relevant and very meaningful. Listening to her quenched my thirst for knowingness and wisdom at a very deep level and still does today. Although she is not constantly pulled up on my youtube page and I’m not deep in her books, her words still ring clear in my mind and affect how I think about the world. It’s funny though how often our journey switches directions, cuts-back, and leads to entirely new destinations. Currently I do not follow Abraham (Esther) Hicks, but she played an enormous role in my journey so I figured I would show my appreciation.

If you ever get a chance to read her book or look her up on Youtube I’m sure you would not be disappointed. I’ve heard she does seminars on cruises, in large stadiums and even small local events. So check her out sometime and let me know what you think.

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