Abrah Kadavrah

I’m not sure if you ever heard the term abrah kadavrah, but I imagine you probably have. It’s a term used to invoke some sort of magic, whether in a t.v. show, movie or what have you, and I’m sure the meaning goes way back. The word has a lot of meaning to me because it always reminds me of a time in my life where I possessed magic, or at least I thought I did. My dad was involved, and if you have read my post about the power of intention, then you know my dad has played a large part in my discovery of the power of intention. This incident however was a little different than my camping trip experience with my father. This took place years before, and involved my television, and a little magic on my part.

It all started when I was 5 or so. A time when I enjoyed watching Saturday morning cartoons religiously. One morning before I had begun my routine, and was just waking up, my dad said to me, “son have you ever tried turning the t.v. on with your mind.” “What?” I said with curiosity. “Yeah, all you have to do is say abrah kadavrah, and look at the t.v., and know you want it to turn on,” he said excitedly. “Try it” he said. So I did. I looked at the t.v. and said “abrah kadavrah,” but nothing. I then looked at him with confusion. “Try it again,” he said. And I did, but nothing happened again. “Joel you have believe you can do it for it to work,” my dad said. “abrah kadavrah, abrah kadavrah, abrah kadavrah,” then before I almost ran out of breath, what do you know. The t.v. magically turned on. “Wow” I said frantically, then turning around to see if my dad saw. His eyes were almost as wide open as mine, as he looked into my excited gaze. Wait! Where was the remote, I thought to myself? I looked around and saw it sitting by itself in the middle of the kitchen table. Far from anyones reach. “Try it again, but this time try and turn it off,” said my dad. So I did, and after only one or two abrah kadavrah’s the t.v. suddenly turned off. Wow, magic! I had real life magic right at my finger tips. Excited to share my new found abilities, I began telling everyone I knew how I was able to turn the television on and off by simple saying abrah kadavrah. Whenever family or friends came over I showed them my trick, and most of them were just as in awe as I was. Saturday morning cartoons were at my will. and as I walked out every Saturday with my teddy bear in hand, I gave a couple abrah kadavrah’s and was good-to-go.

Suddenly me and my whole family, and a couple close friends who frequented my house, knew I was magic. But after a while the strangest thing began to happen. I noticed my powers only worked when my dad was in the room. Well maybe he’s magic too, and I need his powers to be present while I perform my trick, I thought. The whole thing came to a screeching halt when I saw him clicking the remote while I was in the middle of an abrah kadavrah one saturday morning. “Dad, are you clicking the remote?” “No son, I don’t even think it works,” he said. But then immediately, because of his honesty, followed that statement up with, “actually son yes I did click the remote.” “So I’m not magic?” “Of course you are magic, just because you can’t turn the t.v. on with your mind does not mean your not magic,” he said. I sat in silence for a moment, and mourned over my lost abilities, but then my dad told me. “Magic is more than turning the t.v. on, magic is when you are able to put smiles on both me and your moms face, when we are sad.” And he continued “Magic is how you make your sister excited to get up every morning and join you for cartoons because she wants to be around you.” Intrigued by what he was saying, I listened.

“You are affecting the world around you all the time. You have the ability to make people smile and laugh at your command, without even having to say abrah kadavrah. You are a true magician! People who perform tricks on t.v. are not real magicians. Real magicians are people like yourself, who change the world around them so positively that people want to be around you. Joel your the best magician I know.”

Sort of perplexed by what he said, I sat and thought. I guess he was right, I am a magician. Shortly after, my sister walked out, and smiled as I looked over to acknowledge her presence.  She ran over to where I was sitting and plunked down next to me, hugging my arm as she got comfortable.

Huh, I guess I’ve been magic all along.

To this day, those words ring clear in my mind and heart. I understand that we are all magic, or whatever term you want to call it. We are creators constantly affecting the world around us for better or for worse. So I ask that you step outside today and show someone your magic by making them smile.

Namaste ~

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