The Power Of Intention

As a young boy my father taught me of the power of intention. Not with any real intention. But almost accidentally. One day when we were camping, we woke up to a cloudy and very over-casty day. Upset by this, because of what we had planned for the day I went back into the tent to sulk. For the night before, my dad had talked about the fishing and hiking we would do in the beautiful sunlight canyon. As I layed and mourned over the lost day, and what was not to be, my dad says “Joel, come here for a moment.” I reluctantly listened to him, and slowly crawled from my self loathing and outside of my tent.

When I got out, I saw my dad, starring intently at the sky. What was he doing? I thought to myself. “Come here,” he said. As I watched him stare into the clouds, where the sun was hiding behind them, I waited for him to speak. Probably saying something about our plans for the day might have to be pushed back and moved to another day. As I anxiously waited for him to say that, something started to happen.

The clouds began to slowly fade away

He said help me. Help you? I replied back. Yes help me Joel. But I was confused by what he meant. It was then that he showed me the power of intention.

“Look there Joel, where the clouds cover the sun.” “Look intently at those clouds, and say – disappear.” Not sure what the hell my dad was quite thinking, but willing to humor him, I did. And as we stared intently on the clouds and repeated the thought “disappear” in our heads, the strangest thing began to happen. The clouds began to disappear.

What was happening? How was this happening? As we stared on, the clouds covering the sun were no more, and the sun from what it seemed was able to clear out the rest of them after we cleared a whole for it.

Later that day as me and my dad sat fishing under the warm sunny sky he shared with me what had happened. “Joel, have you ever heard of intention?” “Sure”, I replied. Thinking of all the times I had used the word in context. Like “sorry dad I was late, that was not my intention.” Or “I intend to get my math homework done before dinner.” But as he explained, that was not it at all.

He said to me “Joel, intention is when you tell the universe you want something to happen, and your heart and mind are in complete alignment with that intention.” That the universe knows without a shadow of a doubt, what it is you want. He then said “that the universe will bend around that intention which you have clearly stated, and will do everything in its power to make it happen.”

A little in awe, and possibly disbelief, I sat quietly, thinking, “holy shit the universe is listening to me.” “Oh my gosh did it just hear that?”

He smiled at me, as he looked over at my face still in amazement and mild uncertainty. “Were all creators, and thats nothing to be scared of” he said. Some of us use our powers for good and some of us don’t. Some of us use it to help us out in our lives, and some of us use it to hurt us. And it all starts with our intentions.

“You asked the universe for the clouds to disappear and it listened.” 

From that point on, I was intrigued by the power of intention. From how I could use it in my life, and how other can use it in their own. Initially it seemed so mysterious, but after years of study and interests it seems as though something that has long been known, but forgotten in our modern times.

With so much power harnessed in our intentions, I want to share with others how we can create what we want, and like wise, make what we don’t want, disappear.

I hope that you too are inspired by the power of intention, and use it in your life to create what you want.


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